Our Process


Why Dutch Hydroponics?

Our process utilizes time-tested, classic Dutch hydroponic farming methods to provide our customers with high quality products free from any pesticides, herbicides, residues or contaminants. Our clean, controlled, indoor environment ensures your Edible Garden produce will always meet our unwavering standard of quality and food integrity, from planting to delivery. Holland is the world leader in hydroponic farming. In the early days of hydroponics, the Dutch recognized that traditional farming practices and the environmental factors that accompanied them were unpredictable. This often resulted in uncontrollable crop failure. As populations grew, newer and more reliable farming solutions were needed. The Dutch sought to meld technology with the wisdom of Mother Nature in order to grow food and flowers in an indoor, controlled environment. The resulting yields turned the Dutch into world-renowned farmers whose flowers and produce are highly sought after, worldwide. Edible Garden now brings the wisdom of Dutch hydroponic technology to your local community through our line of nutritious and delicious “living” produce.