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Edible Garden is looking to create a nationally recognized brand of locally grown produce that consumers can trust. We are currently seeking qualified greenhouse growers who would like to join our co-op model. A partnership with Edible Garden opens up unique relationships with stores and vendors looking for sustainable and locally grown produce. Edible Garden will provide our partners with necessary training and support on an ongoing basis.

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I agree that my farm is willing to:

  • Follow Edible Garden production guidelines and product standards
  • Meet deadlines by delivering properly packaged product to local stores on time
  • Provide detailed information about my farm and farming practices
  • Maintaining written food safety programs such as Good Management Practices (GMPs) or Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)
  • Maintain a current GMP or GAP audit with a passing score
  • Host occasional visits from Team Edible Garden to ensure facilities and practices meet Edible Garden standards.
  • Participate in our “Giving Back” program by making produce donations to a local food pantry

 I have read the above guidelines and my product(s) meet the criteria.